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IT Strategic and Tactical Planning.  We design, install, and integrate enterprise-wide networking solutions, including local area networks, wide area networks and inter/intranet applications. These services span the entire system life cycle, from initial consulting and design activities, through project planning, management, physical installation, integration, test, and certification, to follow-on training, support, and maintenance.

Configuration Management Planning and Implementation. Our analysts will develop and maintain a configuration management plan that identifies all hardware, software, media, firmware, and associated documentation of the system and the procedures used to manage and control the systemís configuration through the life cycle. We will provide services to support implementation of the CM program and the change evaluation and control process in accordance with the plan

Strategic Planning. We work closely with the client to identify and document his business vision, mission, goals, and performance measures and to identify the most appropriate information technology solution to fulfill those needs

System Engineering. We provide system engineering services that encompass analysis, design, integration, installation, testing, and life-cycle support of new and upgraded computer-based systems and networking solutions.

Requirements Identification. Our engineers use a structured process that includes conducting on-site client interviews to identify and examine existing/projected user system applications, surveying and assessing current information distribution and required system capabilities, determining and analyzing user network connectivity and traffic requirements; and preparing technical documentation detailing the results of our efforts and proposing recommended solutions.

Migration Planning. We can help clients define the options available to them to change from their current technical solutions to those necessary to fully support their projected future needs. Working with the client, we assist in identifying the prospective future technical environment, the impact of converting their existing technology, required resources, and a realistic schedule for implementing the desired conversion

System Design. We define and design system products and process solutions in terms of design requirements that satisfy the functional architecture, and define and integrate the system and physical (hardware and software) architecture.

System/Network Administration. We provide a full range of system administration services, including network operation, analysis, and recovery; routine network software and hardware replacement; performance monitoring to include system availability analysis; network database backup and restoration; audit trail and ID/password administration; and first echelon maintenance, including updating user profiles and network databases, cleaning magnetic tape drives, performing physical inventories, and initiating power-off procedures for system protection during emergency situations.

Network Management. We provide a full range of on-site and remote network management and performance monitoring services, including network fault management, security management, configuration control, and communications to maintain superior network availability. The services we provide also include system status monitoring and reporting of network management information to authorized personnel.

Independent Verification and Validation. Our engineers provide services to assess the effectiveness of system designs developed by other integrators/vendors in the following areas:

  • Independently performing systems analyses against baseline requirements

  • Development of independent test planning documents, product test procedures, and test scenarios

  • Conducting test activities and documentation of results

  •  Identification of deficiencies, redundancies, and discrepancies against an established set of user, contract, program or functional requirements.

Document Management and Imaging Systems. We help companies to effectively manage their electronic and paper records. We work with them to control costs of operating, to improve organizational efficiency, to provide disaster recovery, and to fulfill legal requirements. The quality and timeliness of information--how it's obtained, stored, retrieved, managed, and archived--provides a significant edge in today's competitive business environment.