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We offer a complete array of design and planning services to help you maintain and deliver quality networks. Our focus is to provide a clear business plan to fully utilize your networks and systems. Whether you are updating your existing equipment or installing the next-generation proper planning will ensure your success and help you build a reliable network that will meet your future needs. Our services in this area include:

  • Network Design and Planning -  We work with you to develop a comprehensive network design of your existing equipment and plan the deployment of network services with minimal impact on their existing infrastructure.  

  • Network Assessment - We review the components of your existing network as they relate your business objectives and make recommendations for improvements to the network's design and performance.

  • Network Optimization - Our network engineers will develop a performance profile of your network to pinpoint network performance bottlenecks and potential trouble spots that may exist in the network.

  • Network Equipment Installation -  Whether you are doing a fresh install, upgrade of existing equipment, or a parallel implementation we can ensure it is done with a minimum of disruption.

  • LAN/WAN Support - We help you to plan and design networks (including detailed physical design and equipment specifications for your computing environment), implement structured cabling systems or to determine and implement an overall addressing scheme.