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Network security ensures the integrity and reliability of your corporate data. Hammond Consulting  identifies the threats and risks that could impact the ability of your organization to protect your data and implements the right strategies and equipment to prevent a loss of data to you or your customers.

Our network security practice looks at the following areas of security:

  • Physical Threats - Physical security is the first line of defense for a business. We look at the physical environment and examine how people get on the network. We also look at how internal IT staff access the IT equipment and facilities. We examine existing security measures and test them by attempting to gain site access to the network via offices, telecommunications rooms, data centers, or other operational areas. We examine site access, workstation/terminal access and physical security policies.

  • Network Security Policies - This area documents what must be protected and how. We work with our customers to develop policies and procedures that reflect business objectives. We help create standards and policies that help implement the financial, legal, and operational processes to reduce business risks. This document can be used as an educational tool as well as a method to enforce security procedures that lead to a security-minded culture.

  • Network Security Analysis - This process results in an in-depth analysis of the operating systems, DNS, web, and mail services that exist on your networks and systems.

  • Network Hardening  - Design and implement network equipment to prevent loss of data. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, router access-lists or Virtual Private Networks.